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Tuesday, 19 June 2018
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Many more.......

Many more......

Armed with the knowledge that hypnotherapy can positively affect our behaviours and that this is achieved by affecting the subconscious mind that makes up approximately 88% of our total mind, it is easy to see why hypnotherapy has so many applications.




Below is by no means an exhaustive list of applications of hypnotherapy:

·         Fear of Heights

·         Fear of Water

·         Fear of Animals

·         Communication

·         Self-Defeating Behaviours

·         Self-Criticism

·         Irritability

·         Pessimism

·         Controlling

·         Social phobia

·         Panic Attacks

·         Temptation

·         Hypochondria

·         Self-Awareness

·         Aggression

·         Self-Esteem

·         Self-Blame

·         Hostility

·         Moodiness

·         Overeating

·         Age regression

·         Past Life regression

·         Irrational Thoughts

·         Lack of Enthusiasm

·         Lack of Direction

·         Ulcers

·         Writers Block

·         Tics

·         Abandonment

·         Exercise

·         Cravings

·         Trauma

·         Fear of School

·         Chronic Pain

·         Problem Solving

·         Hypertension

·         Resistance

·         Responsibility

·         Self-Forgiveness

·         Thumb Sucking

·         Stubborn

·         Irrational

·         Discouraged

·         Fear Loss of Control

·         Fear of Failure

·         Fear of success

·         Lack of Ambition

·         Self-Control

·         Inferiority

·         Superiority

·         Jealousy

·         Rejection

·         Shame

·         Indecision

·         Resistance to Change

·         Self-Hypnosis

·         Restlessness

·         Sadness

·         Insecurity

·         Mistrust

·         Victimisation

·         Anesthesia

·         biofeedback

·         Pre-Surgical

·         Post-Surgical

·         Cramps

·         Gagging

·         Dreams

·         Nightmares

·         Headaches

·         Immune system

·         Fear of Death

·         Relaxation

·         Breathing


·         Self-Mastery


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